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Diablo’s spectacular skills come to life! Barbarian’s whirlwind, Sorceress’ frozen orb and Amazon’s multi-shot are back… Faster level up speed with field dropping quests… The best MMO style Diablo at your service.. In the all new… EREBUS2!

Latest News

Travia2 Global CBT Ends
| 08/09/2013
Greetings fans of Travia2 Global,Thank you for participating in the Travia2 Global CBT. The CBT will officially end at the 23:59 September 8th, 2013.Thank you once again for participating. We will be returning to you some tine on October as the second CBT. The level cap will be set as 60. ...
Completed - Level up now to meet the new challenge! : KAYA''''S TOWER
| 05/09/2013
All players with characters in level 30 or above can now visit Kaya''''s Tower!Kaya''''s Tower contains many dangers including monsters and traps but also a very powerful magical lance which can stop the demon Rachhu on the very top of the tower.Please talk to Maestre Carsen to enter Kaya''''s ...
Aug 30th Sever Maintenance
| 29/08/2013
Greetings Fans of Travia2,Travia 2 will undergo maintenance from Aug 30th 00:00 to 02:00.The following bugs will be fixed during this maintenance.Bug Fixes1. No Game Sound Bug2. PK Channel Setting Error3. Skill Learning Cost Error4. Launcher Skin and Home Page Url ChangeThank you for playing Travia2...
Kaya Tower Update Server Maintenance
| 04/09/2013
There will be a scheduled Server Maintenance on the following date.Date September 5th, 201300:00 ~ 02:00 PST Connection to website: http://www.travia2.com/ may be unstable during server maintenance time. Please be advised.Bugs will be fixed.Translation will be inmproved.Kaya Tower will be updated. ...
Facebook and Twitter
| 27/08/2013
Greeting!Thank you for participating in the wonderful Travia3 CBT.We will be givining away free items, so please join the fun!!!By the way, we have a new Facebook and Twitter social net work.Please see below for the link.Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/globaltravia2 Twitter: https://twitter.com/T...
Do We Need to Get a CBT Code to Participate?
| 27/08/2013
No!. You don''t need a code to participate CBT event.Whenever we have finished scheduling CBT event, we''ll post the date of 1st CBT. All you have to do is simply create you own account and enjoy playing Travia2. Don''t forget that you can use account id from Global 4Story Online if you have one.Th...
Travia CBT is Here
| 27/08/2013
On Aug 28th, 20:00. Travia2 is finally undergoing its first CBT!We are giving away some prizes, so please be sure to hop on and enjoy the fun.Stay tune for mor information as more news are planned to be updated.Thank you for waiting.Travia2 Support Team....